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Annual Learn-Wise Users’ Conference Draws Record Attendance

Only Med Device Industry-Focused eLearning Company That Holds Annual Users’ Conf.

San Diego, CA – May 6, 2014 – Magnifi Group, Inc., developer of Learn-Wise, a leading eLearning platform for the Medical Device Industry, completed its Annual Users’ Conference; a day-long event that provided users of Learn-Wise the opportunity to share best practices, provide ideas for future development and learn about upcoming features.

Michael Verucchi, Principal Marketing Communications Specialist for Medtronic, said the Users’ Conference is a valuable experience to see how others are using the system by sharing their feedback and ideas in person. “The conference was exceptional; from the venue to the guest speaker,” Verucchi said.

Dory Frain, National Sales Trainer for Medicrea USA, said the presentations were efficient and helpful. Frain’s sentiments were echoed by Charlie Merchant, Vice President of Training and Development for MAQUET Medical Systems USA, and by Laura Brown, LMS Administrator and Sales Training Specialist for DJO Global, Inc.

“Magnifi Group’s Annual Learn-Wise Users’ Conference gives us a formal venue to voice our ideas and brainstorm on others,” Maquet’s Merchant said. DJO’s Brown added that an event such as this generates optimal value out of the Learn-Wise Platform. “All of us here share a common denominator, and the collective exchange of information is very helpful,” Brown said.

Anne Couturier, Training Specialist with Sorin Group CRM, based just outside of Paris, picked up the most airline miles for furthest travelled. “As a previous attendee of the Annual Users’ Conference, I had first-hand experience of the importance of this event,” Couturier said. “This year’s meeting did not disappoint; sharing experiences with qualified people and learning from one another is highly valuable, and I am looking forward to attending many more,” Couturier added.

Vicky Phan, Account Manager for Magnifi, said the Annual Users’ Conference also helps Magnifi prioritize features slated for development over the next 12 months. “Our customers serve as the best barometer in terms of what they require now, versus later in the year,” Phan said.

About Magnifi Group

Magnifi Group, Inc. is a San Diego-based developer of dynamic online training and marketing solutions for the medical device industry. The company’s European Users’ Meeting will be held in Paris on June 12th ( For more information, please visit


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