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How to install the Learn-WiseGo Application to your devices

The Learn-WiseGo application can be accessed on a variety of devices such as tablets, iPad and smartphones in iOS and Andriod. You can make the application available directly through your Learn-Wise Go site. This gives you more control over who gets the app and who does not. If someone leaves the company, you can inactivate their account, and the app contents will literally be wiped from their device the next time they try to access it.

Sales associates can share documents in a wide range of sharing options such as AirDrop, Text Message, Email, WhatsApp and more.

We made the update on the Admin and Sub-admins' Guide to help you navigate the Learn-WiseGo application, we added an application section.

How to:

  • Download the application to my device

  • Customize the application

Want to know more? Have questions? Contact your account manager or us at


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