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Learn-Wise Updates

File Transfer Protocol Changes

We have recently added an extra layer of security to Learn-Wise, switching from an “http” to “https” server. Moving forward, your FTP URL should be formatted in the following fashion, where “your subdomain, “your folder,” and “your file” refer to the relevant items on your site:

In addition, please do not include any special characters in the title of your file, including spaces—doing so will prevent your users from viewing the content.

Internet Explorer 7 No Longer Supported

From this point, Learn-Wise will no longer be supported on Internet Explorer 7.

Showing Insecured Content such as YouTube Videos

If you are using iSpring, Storyline or other 3rd party eLearning authoring tools then you may have noticed that your YouTube videos are not showing up on the user side. We have added an extra layer of security, called a Secure Socket Layer, that will block insecure content from other sites, such as YouTube videos that are not on HTTPS. There is a simple remedy to this that the users must perform in order to view the files. For each browser the process is a little different, so feel free to share the videos with your users if they experience any issues.



Internet Explorer:


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