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2023 Fall Users' Conference Recap

For those who couldn't attend the remarkable Users' Conference earlier this month, fret not—we have a recap and recording ready for you!

Exciting news! The complete Users' Conference is now accessible on our official YouTube channel! Whether you couldn't make it due to prior commitments or missed the event, you now have the opportunity to experience all the thrilling highlights and gain valuable insights.

Here's a glimpse of what awaits you in the conference recordings:

  • Explore Learn-WiseGo's Latest Achievements: Immerse yourself in the realm of e-learning innovation as we reveal our state-of-the-art developments. Uncover the latest features, enhancements, and improvements poised to transform your learning journey.

  • 2023 Pipeline: Brace yourself for anticipation as we unveil upcoming developments set to launch in the near future!

  • Client Presentation: Gain insights into how fellow LWG clients leverage the platform with a presentation from FX Ortho.

  • New Product Presentation: SensAI is a sales training tool that provides product specific responses to overcome sales objections.

  • Question and Answer Session: Receive answers to all the questions you've submitted from our team of experts.

So, head over to our YouTube channel right away. Subscribe, hit that notification bell, and immerse yourself in the knowledge and excitement that our Users' Conference had to offer.

Stay connected with Learn-WiseGo and join the e-learning revolution!


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