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6 Ways to Enhance Your Virtual Instructor-Led Sessions (VLT)

Several organizations have adopted virtual Instructor-led training as an ideal way to integrate with corporate training. The two main stakeholders - employees and the company- can benefit from this transition.

  • Better time management

  • Reduce overhead cost

  • Flexibility

But how effective and productive will the training be for your employees? How do I start developing effective online training?

Here are 6 ways to help you transition to VLT:

1. Set the learning objectives

  • What do you expect the end results to be from your learners?

  • What can the learners do after the ILT?

  • Focus on the goals and make them clear.

  • Simple and concise vocabulary.

  • Format your training program: do you want to save the questions for the end or emphasize active participation such as team exercise or quiz throughout?

2. Keep the training material relevant

  • If the learners don't see a relevant purpose, they will not want to attend which could lead waste of resources and poor performance.

  • Research your learners' demographic to personalize their training exercises.

  • Assess the age range, current skill level, educational background, learning styles, and training needs.

3. Encourage active participation through collaboration

  • Virtual learning doesn't have to be a sit and watch, instructors should have their employees work together to achieve the same objective to improve team building.

  • It could be through sharing ideas or coming up with a solution to work challenges via chats, polls, or breakout rooms.

  • This will also increase engagement and participation levels in your training session. As a result, boost productivity in the company.

4. Ways to add interactivities

  • Incorporate Q & A sessions throughout your training program to help engagement.

  • Exchange dialogue.

  • Practice role-playing different challenges at work.

  • This way it will prevent your learners to be distracted and have them follow along.

5. Reward good performance

  • Recognization is a great motivator to boost morale also it will create a continuous flow of engagement and activities for your employees to focus on.

  • Showing your appreciation will add value to their professional development and boost their contribution to your company's success.

6. Ensure mobile compatibility

  • Having your VLT user-friendly is essential.

  • The number of employees who have access to a mobile device is higher than a desktop.

  • Keep this in mind, when you are developing training content and features for your VLT.


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