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Accept and Decline Webinars Directly from Email

Administrators of Learn-WiseGo can host Zoom, WebEx, and Go To Training Webinars directly from the Learn-WiseGo Platform.

Users will receive an email notification that they have been invited to an upcoming webinar hosted through the Learn-WiseGo platform. Users are now able to accept or decline the invitation directly from the Learn-WiseGo system email.

Upon the user confirming their invitation to the Learn-WiseGo webinar, the user can also join the webinar directly from the Learn-WiseGo email. Once accepted, a Join link will display.

If the user chooses to join the webinar through their email they will be prompted with the LWGo log in screen for immediate access to the webinar.

Administrators have the option to assign training modules to display following the conclusion of the webinar for the attending users to complete. In addition to having access to comprehensive reports on the users attendance and duration on the webinar.

Users’ ability to accept and decline through email will be unveiled this coming week. Reach out to your Learn-WiseGo account manager for more information on setting up an Instructor-led webinar.

Additional information on the Learn-WiseGo platform can be found at


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