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Announcing the Addition of Super Groups!

Magnifi Group is excited to announce the launch of our latest Learn-WiseGo enhancement- Super Groups!

What makes a group super? The ability to add other groups to it!

Super groups allow you to organize users into nested groups or a structure that reflects your company structure.

For example, let’s say your company is organized by regions. You could create Europe as a Super Group containing Germany, France, and Spain. You can add further groups within these countries. For example, in Germany, you could add Bavaria with user Michael Jackson.

All reports can also be filtered by group and this is where Super Groups really shines.

The reports will show a comparison by region or city. How is one country doing compared to other countries you ask? Filter the reports by the Parent Group and the data will follow.

Furthermore, with our upcoming advancement of Group Manager, your sub-administrators will have the ability to manage their own groups. With Super Groups in place, admin can manage entire regions of users without seeing other users within the company.

If you want to find out more on Super Groups or how you can utilize this with your Learn-WiseGo account, contact your Account Manager for more information!


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