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Articulate Rise 360 and Storyline 360 News

Over the past few months, Articulate has introduced exciting enhancements to their platform that could greatly elevate your e-learning content creation experience.

The following bullets are notable improvements According to the “Rise 360 Version History” Article, which you can find here.

  • Rise 360 now supports 4k video uploads, but the 5GB file limit remains in effect.

  • linked padding can be utilized to conveniently set custom values for both top and bottom block padding simultaneously.

  • Placeholder content templates have undergone a makeover, replacing Lorem ipsum text with instructional and sample content. Italicized formatting has been removed for improved accessibility, and block design has been updated.

  • The block design menu is now split into two new menus: Style and Format. These menus have been relocated to a new left-hand block toolbar to enhance workflow.

  • Block entrance animations are disabled when learners activate reduced motion settings on their devices, regardless of the content setting.

  • Labeled graphic progression arrows remain visible when zoomed in or viewed on a mobile device.

In terms of Articulate Storyline 360, and according to their article titled, “Storyline 360 Version History” the following are notable new developments and enhancements. You can check out the full article by clicking here.

  • Unlock new possibilities for text-to-speech audio in Articulate Storyline 360 using speech synthesis markup language (SSML) for adjustments like speaking rate, pronunciation, emphasis, pauses, and more.

  • Benefit from increased stability and faster performance in large, media-rich courses by utilizing the 64-bit version of Storyline 360, tapping into modern computer processing power.

  • Customize the background audio experience even further by fine-tuning volume with a percentage-based variable.

  • Player controls and navigation buttons now feature tooltips accessible to mouse, keyboard, and screen reader users.

  • The embedded version of Chromium in Storyline 360 has been upgraded to 117.0.5938.132.

  • Control background audio for each slide in Articulate Storyline 360 by using triggers to play, pause, or stop the playlist.

  • Ensure accessibility with color-contrasted "Back to top," "Skip navigation" buttons, and the volume slider.

  • Simplify text wrapping in text-entry fields by replacing outdated autofit options in the Format Shape window with a convenient check box.

  • In new projects with the modern player, navigation buttons now default to displaying both icons and text; users can switch to either just icons or text.

  • Two new English (US) neural voices, Danielle and Gregory, have been added for text-to-speech conversion.

  • Added two new English (US) neural voices, Danielle and Gregory, for text-to-speech conversion.

As mentioned you can check out the full article this information was pulled from by visiting


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