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Articulate Rise 360 released a new feature called "Theme"

The new feature is called "Theme" which was released on July 19, 2022 on Rise 360, it offers a variety of prebuilt themes for you to use to design your courses. The theme feature also displays an efficient way to navigate through the cover page, navigation, buttons, headers, colors, and fonts when you are ready to customize your course. You can change the layout and navigation options.

Articulates announcement: "July 19, 2022

  • New: Instantly change the look and feel of your course with prebuilt themes and cover pages.

  • New: Customize themes with layouts, navigation options, colors, fonts, and images.

  • New: Choose from a variety of prebuilt cover page layouts to make a cover page that’s as unique as your course."


  • Rise - Our original theme—modern, clean, tried, and true.

  • Horizon - Elegant, sharp, and stylish with understated flourishes.

  • Apex - Bold, contemporary, and striking with angular finishes.

New themes coming in soon

Course Navigation:

You have three options when it comes to displaying course navigation:

  • The sidebar menu

  • Compact navigation

  • Overlay navigation

Button Style:

Select from full width or floating

For further information visit the links below:


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