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Learn-WiseGo production build set for Wednesday, April 24th

The Learn-WiseGo production build set for Wednesday, April 24th will include the following:

New Features:

  •  Addition of "Start Date" Column to Credentialing Report:  We have updated the credentialing system report by adding a new "Start Date" column. This enhancement will enhance our tracking of the initiation of credentialing courses by users and improve the monitoring of changes in the audit trail report.

  • Lesson Plan Icon: The label for the LP icon previously stated "Preferable Dimension" has been updated to "Required Dimension" to clarify that other sizes cannot be used for updates.

Bug Fixes:

  • Message Creation Error: We have resolved the error that occurred when creating a new message, assigning a user, and clicking on Finish. This fix ensures smoother communication within the application.

  • UserSignUp Email Template: Modifications to the email template are now properly reflected. The template will function as intended.

  • Training Module Deletion: The functionality to delete a training module, after all associated lesson plans are softly deleted, has been fixed. 

  • User Import via Spreadsheet: We have improved the error messaging for user imports when the user license limit is reached. The system will now clearly notify you with: "There are no available user- licenses to activate the user, although all associated user details are updated!"

  • Dashboard Visibility Control: For credentialing-only. Business Units with Azure AD integration, enabling the "Hide" privilege will now correctly restrict dashboard access.


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