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Customer Education Through Learn-WiseGo

Educate customers directly through Learn-WiseGo with Self-Registration User Signup. Why educate Customers and not just Employees? Educated Customers drive sales and builds your brand.

Unlike for Internal or External distributors training, Customers will create their accounts directly from the login screen. Customer education can be done through External Self-registration User Signup. Here, the user will create their account and set their password. Admin have the ability to approve any pending user signups. As well as, add custom fields for the user to complete while signing up. 

Lesson Plans and Library content can be set to automatically assign to all new User accounts created. Users will be notified of content assignment through email and their User dashboard within Learn-WiseGo.  

Users complete an e-signature after receiving a passing score, and download their certificate of completion. The customer has access to the Learn-WiseGo library for additional resources.

Instructor led training, both in-class and virtual can be managed through Learn-WiseGo. Customers can have access to training modules immediately following a Zoom call.

Admin can run system reports and schedule lesson plans and library reports to come directly to any email address at any interval. Reports can be sent directly to area representatives or territory managers from the LWGo system.

Reach out to your account manager for additional information on the ability to use Learn-WiseGo to train your customers.

To schedule a demo for a customer education platform visit


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