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Discontinue Power BI reporting effective May 17th

In today fast-paced digital landscape, businesses must adapt and evolve continuously

to stay competitive and meet their strategic objectives. As part of this constant

evolution, we aim to streamline our data reporting processes and provide better value to

our clients. As such, we have decided to discontinue the use of Power BI as one of our

reporting tools effective May 17th and migrate all relevant data to our primary reporting

tool - System Reports.

Why the Transition?

  1. Integration: System Reports seamlessly integrates with our existing systems and applications. This integration will lead to better data consistency, fewer compatibility issues, and enhanced data flow.

  2. Centralization: Consolidating all reporting processes into System Reports ensures that we have a single, unified platform for data analysis, reducing the fragmentation that can arise from multiple tools.

  3. User Empowerment: With its user-centric design, System Reports provides a powerful yet accessible solution that encourages administrators to take charge of their data and glean relevant insights.

What to Expect During the Transition

Implementation Timeline: We will phase in the data fields that are present in

the Power BI reports, but missing in the System Reports. This phased transition

will take place over the next three months.

The decision to move from Power BI to System Reports aligns with our goal of

maximizing productivity while maintaining data accuracy. By leveraging a fully integrated

platform, we are confident that this change will empower Administrators to analyze and

interpret data with greater precision and relevance.

Thank you for your cooperation and continued support.


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