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Filing System in the Central Repository: Tips and Tricks

Once you upload a scorm file and a user already opened it or the scorm file is in lesson plan or training module, it cannot be removed or moved from the central repository. This will cause a mess and confusion with your fellow admins on the Learn-WiseGo platform. You should organize the scorm files in the central repository before making your training modules or lesson plans. Note: You can replace & archive the scorm file but it must have the same name, unfortunately, you cannot change the file name.

Here are some tips and tricks I want to share with you: 1. Create Folders for your scorm files

  • Based on your users' locations such as USA, France, Australia

  • Course Lesson plan name:

    • For example, folder:On board training_2022, scorm files within the folder: Fire Safety, sex harassment & discrimination, Intro to workplace safety

  • Type of user such sales, distributors, physicians

2. Keep the name short and sweet

  • Abbreviations Some companies have different versions of the same module. For example in languages -> DLCO is the module but there are different languages available. ENG- english/GER-german/ITAL-italian so you can name the module: ENG_DLCO/GER_DLCO/ITAL_DLCO

  • Product name - example. DLCO, Selling-Collar

3. Use dates to help remember when was the last update

  • Depend on how often you need to update the course

  • It can be the year or month and year Ex. 12_15_2022_Skeptic_Skeleton

  • You can even name Skeptic_skeleton-module1 > then the next time, Skeptic_skeleton-module 2, module 2 will be the most updated verison.

4. Company Courses' Codes

  • Some companies have their own identification system such as a course code. It will help you keep track with your scorm files in the central repositry Ex. B_3651_Skeptic_Skeleton


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