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Get Started: Privileges on Learn-WiseGo

Learning Management Systems provide a structured and dynamic virtual learning environment. Understanding the different privileges granted to various user roles within an LMS is essential for effective management, collaboration, and engagement. The privilege system ensures that each user has the appropriate access and control, promoting security, accountability, and a personalized learning experience. By leveraging the distinct privileges of administrators, instructors, and learners. LMS platforms empower educational institutions to deliver quality education and training in an efficient and user-friendly manner. We provide the privileges available on Learn-WiseGo platform:

Lesson Plan:



Instructor-Led Training:


  • ​Multi-language lesson plan

  • User lesson plan progress widget

  • Rewards

  • Surveys

  • G2T

  • Webx

  • Classroom Training

  • Zoom

  • BU certification

  • Magnifi certification

  • Hide Dashboard

​User creation:




Learn-Wise App

  • External User > Auto Approval

  • User consent

  • ​Standard

  • Customized

  • Azure

  • Okta

  • ​Med World Live

  • Vimeo

  • Youtube

  • Dropbox

Learn-Wise app

Group & Management:

​Replace & Archive:

Pass Users Manually:

Power BI reports:

Manage groups

​ Replace & archive

Pass users manually

Power BI reports

Check out our FAQ for more details or contact us on how to customize your Learn-WiseGo platform to best fit your training.


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