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Group Structure: How to organize your Super Groups into a Group Structure by Regions and/or Products

An organized Group Structure is critical for managing a large portion of users, as well as their performance.

Super Groups and sub-groups will help you reflect your Company structure and better organize Lesson Plans Assignments and Group Management.

If you would like to structure your groups by product, and assign a Lesson Plan to a group of distributors, start creating your “Product” Group, then create the type of training for the specific product, ex. Basic or Advanced.

Any Distribution Partner who needs this the “Product Basic Training” can be added to the sub-group you would like to assign trainings to.

Instead, if you would like to organize groups by regions, you could create the USA country Super Group containing California and Colorado States as sub-groups. You can add further groups within these states such as cities. Each of these groups can have their own set of users.

Any new user who joins the organization and is required to take Lesson Plans which apply to the specific Country/Region/City can be added to the group at a later time.

While creating groups, take also into account which of your Site Sub-administrators will manage each Group. Their access and privileges will only apply to the assigned group(s).

If you want to find out more on using Super Groups to create a Group Structure within your Learn-WiseGo account, contact your Account Manager for more information!

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