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How can your compliance training benefit from LMS?

1. Course Management

A Learning Management Platform (LMS) offers many features such as interactive images, tables to slideshows and allows for flexibility in creating your courses. A LMS provides opportunities to have learners to be more knowledgeable and prepared in advance of their measured tasks. For example, becoming familiar with new lab equipment prior to any didactic courses.

2. Training and Certification

A LMS platform can provide diagnostic assessments such as tests and informative reports documenting learners' performances in training programs. Compliance training can provide certifications through the LMS.

3. Generate Credentialing Certificates

A LMS can offer credentialing courses approved by various regulatory authorities.

4. Compliance Management

A LMS can also help businesses abide by the policies, standards, regulations, and laws of multiple geographic regions. In addition, a LMS can also be certified to meet stringent requirements of a particular country and/or region.

5. Solid Compliance Reporting and Tracking

A LMS can provide an audit trail of a company to help meet all required audit requirements of a particular industry such as those stipulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the US.


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