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How to utilize live webinars vs. recorded MP4 in your training

Companies like to either host webinars or provide recorded lectures as part of their training program. Did you know you can add a webinar or recorded MP4 in a training module in the Learn-Wise Go (LWGo system) platform? Webinars:

What are webinars? (Instructor-Led Training) Webinars are online seminars where an instructor makes a presentation to a web audience. The best part about webinars is the ability to interact with your audience via hosting a poll, live chat, whiteboard or simply asking your audience questions.

The LWGo system allows for webinars to be run through Zoom, Webex, and GoToTraining. Here you are able to assign users, and run webinars via the LWGo platform. Webinars can be joined from a link in their email or directly from their calendars. Additionally, a training module will be sent to all the users after the webinar concludes.

Recorded MP4

After your webinar is completed, you can add the recorded webinar either content only or content with test in a training module via lesson plan. Learners can review and watch it many times - depending on the parameters. Admins can set a time restriction before the system records the user's score.

Learn-WiseGo offers analytical data for both webinars and MP4.


Recorded MP4


  • Face forward training will build better relationships.

  • After the training session is over, the system will send TM, automatically to the users. The system will also record the attendees list and the webinar's information.

  • Resources will be available at all times.

  • Gain knowledge about the product then push focus on it.

LWG Features

Add training module, survey, certification, e signature sent out to users after the webinar is done.

Available in training modules: Content only / Content with a test

Users can receive credit or code after the training is completed

Internal webinars recordings (not sharable)

Example Topics

  • Sales marketing

  • Compliance training

  • Global healthcare and nutrition

  • Recorded webinars Instructional video

  • Anatomy to help assist the content – related to product learning

System Reports

  • Webinar progress report

  • Webinar group performance report

  • Webinar test performance report

  • Training module score analysis report

  • Training module performance report

  • Training module responses report


You can give an interactive presentation to your audience, immediate engagement, and questions.

Learners could review the recorded webinar on their own pace.


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