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Learn-WiseGo Announces Integration with Okta

What is Okta? Okta is a platform in the Identity service industry, which means that it gives you and your Learn-WiseGo Users access to all other (company) applications with a Single Sign-On (SSO) login. You can access your information at any time and anywhere on a variety of devices such as mobile, computer, or tablet. Okta provides a seamless authentication experience for your users due to its robust back-end features. This includes Active Directory, LDAP integration and Multifactor authentication, amongst others.

Benefits of using Okta

- Single Sign-On to all applications. This saves a lot of time and gives access to all applications in the digital workspace with one login.

- Users can log in to all applications with a single password, rather than having to remember several passwords.

-Okta can maintain authentication, preventing unauthorized access, therefore safeguarding sensitive and personal information which saves time and money.

- Since the pandemic, remote working has been predominant in the work industry and Okta can provide a robust and diversified digital working space for users.

- Okta can manage any employee's access to any application or device, reducing helpdesk support.

Reach out to your account managers to integrate your Learn-WiseGo platform with Okta.


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