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Learn-WiseGo production build set for Tuesday June 18th.

The Learn-WiseGo production build set for Tuesday, June 18th will include the following:

New Features:

  1. Implemented X-Frame-Options Headers: Mitigates clickjacking attacks by preventing our web pages from being embedded in iFrames on other domains.

  2. Import and Group Assignment: We've streamlined user management by restricting the import process from removing users or making them inactive, ensuring status changes are managed through the LMS interfaces. Additionally, the override function now solely focuses on assigning users to groups, maintaining data integrity and stability.

  3. Default Language Dropdown Update: Currently, the default language dropdown shows as English. Moving forward, when admins create users or users self-register without selecting a language, the system will internally default to English while displaying "Language" as the default in the dropdown on the UI.

Bug Fixes:

  1. Icon Persistence Issue: Resolved issues where the favicon would disappear after upload and the library folder icon would display as blank, ensuring both now display correctly and remain visible.

  2. Sorting Functionality in Lesson Plan User Progress Report: Corrected sorting issues in the Lesson Plan User Progress Report, ensuring Ascending, Descending, and Not Sorted options work correctly for Assigned Date and Last Attempted Date fields.

  3. Recently Added Library Files' Widget Redirect Issue: Addressed the issue with the 'Recently Added Library Files' widget, ensuring it now navigates users directly to the specific file location within the library module instead of redirecting to the 'My Folders' parent page.

  4. User Removal and Search Issue in "Assign Users" View: Fixed the issue in the "Assign Users" view where searching for users immediately after removing a user displayed invalid users and omitted the removed user


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