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Making a Connection: 6 Tips for a Successful Webinar

Hosting a webinar is a great way to connect with your audience or bring your users together across different learner groups, or across the country. However, without being in the same room, how can you deliver a great, attention-grabbing presentation that your audience will remember?

If you haven’t yet hosted a webinar, or are looking for ways to improve, read on for some best practices.

Pay attention to your audio.

The more clearly your audience can hear you, the more they will remain interested, and the more professional and prepared you sound. Start with the right location, opting for a quiet room and preferably a land line to avoid any signal drops. Then move on to your microphone- instead of relying on one built in to your PC, opt for an external microphone or headset. If the option is available, you can also cut down on any attendee background noise by using the option to mute attendees by default.

Practice makes progress.

Even though you are in front of a screen, not a room, practicing your speech can help you sound more confident and comfortable when presenting. Consider recording or timing yourself to see if there is anything to improve on.

Keep your audience engaged.

In a webinar, you are competing for attention with your attendee’s computer screens, as well as anything in their work environment. Keep your slides simple, and mix up the content by adding in interactive questions, videos, and short quizzes. With Learn-WiseGo, you can even add an exam or review materials to the end of your webinar to help your attendees retain the lesson.

Keep your tone conversational.

Instead of envisioning yourself speaking to a full room, imagine yourself having multiple one-to-one conversations to keep your tone friendly and forward. Using “you” helps draw attention and reduces formality. For example, instead of asking, “are there any questions?” use “do you have any questions for me?”

Don’t do it alone.

You may be the only one speaking in your final presentation, but you can always rely on others for help along the way. Before your webinar, have a friend listen to you and offer feedback in a trial run. While you present, have a partner monitor chat to help field any questions.

With Learn-WiseGo, you can now streamline your webinar training from beginning to end! With Webex and GoToTraining integration, you can invite your users and track their responses, direct them to your presentation when it begins, and assign review materials and knowledge exams to be completed once the webinar is over.

Have you used Learn-WiseGo for your webinars? Let us know how it went!


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