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Meet Our Staff

Get to know our Magnifi team and some tips & tricks we have to offer!



LEARN-WISE TIP: Your Human Resources and Quality Control Departments may be interested to know they can take advantage of the Learn-Wise Platform to upload their necessary documentation. Since the platform is FDA-Part 11 Compliant, employees can review the material and be certified upon completion of the required documentation. All records are kept secure via our audited security protocols. Learn-Wise also has a comprehensive library of Compliance Courses available for upload. Ask your Account Coordinator for more information.


LEARN-WISE TIP: Keep your modules short (30 minutes maximum) with lively content and interactive questions.


LEARN-WISE TIP: You can push out a Training Module to more than one Trainee at a time. Visit our Support Forum to learn more.


LEARN-WISE TIP:  If you need to re-upload a Training Module, you can rename the current module you are replacing in order to create the new training module with the original title. For example, if Training Module A has been revised and needs to be re-uploaded and re-assigned, you can rename the current version “Training Module A – Obsolete” and upload the revised module as “Training Module A”. (You can also copy the original module if you want to keep some of the same content and test!) Visit our Support Forum to learn more.


LEARN-WISE TIP: Embed your test questions inside your SCORM training module and upload it to Learn-Wise as-is. As long as the last slide in your module is a results slide, the test results will automatically be recorded in Learn-Wise. This will offer a seamless transition from training material to test questions for your Trainees. Visit our Support Forum to learn more.


LEARN-WISE TIP: You can use HTML files (from Articulate Storyline, iSpring, Adobe Captivate, etc.) as content in the library. You don’t always have to add a quiz or upload it as SCORM in a Training Module.


LEARN-WISE TIP: It is possible to create “eSignature” verifications for your own content. Visit our Support Forum to learn more.


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