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National Patient Safety Guide 2023 is now live!

In keeping up with your hospital credentialing needs, we have updated our National Patient Safety Goals course in accordance with the requirements set by the Joint Commission.

Each year, these safety goals are updated to help provide the highest standard of care for all patients. Here is a look at some of the learning objectives for this year:

  • Learn the history and significance of the Joint Commission relative to the National Patient Safety Goals, aka. “The Goals”.

  • Understand the eight Health Care Program categories recognized by The Joint Commission.

  • Summarize “The Goals” for 2023 applicable within the eight established Health Care Programs.

  • Gain access to the complete “Goals” for 2023, as a resource for “in depth” study.

  • Successfully challenge a post-course knowledge check, covering topics from each of the released goals, and how they may apply in all eight Health Care Programs.

If you are interested in adding Hospital Credentialing to your site or have questions about our credentialing, contact your account manager to learn more.


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