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New cover page and themes on Articulate Rise 360

Articulate 360 released an exciting update to its theme section. The theme section helps your courses fit your company's branding and marketing. Now you can choose to customize any prebuilt professionally designed theme layout and other additional elements such as a Cover Page, Navigation, Lesson Headers, Colors, Fonts, and Blocks.

Cover Page If you work with Articulate Rise 360, you will know you need to select a cover photo that will look good across different platforms from computer to moblie devices. The tricky part in finding a good cover photo is the size range based on ratios. It can be a time-consuming and tedious task. The new themes help solve that with cover photos that appear in very similar aspect ratios, no matter the device. much easier to find or compose a photo or an illustration that works well in responsive courses across devices. The parameters are for the images on each of these title things in Articulate rise. Cover photos with a 1:3 aspect ratio look beautiful in the Rise 360 cover photo area. For example, you could use an image with these dimensions: 1,000 pixels x 3,000 pixels.

For logos, it's best to use the largest image size possible. Crop out any white space around the logo so it will fill the container as much as possible.


There are three options:

  • Sidebar: Menu can appear or be hidden on the side of the course.

  • Compact: A minimized menu appears at the bottom left to help navigate through the course.

  • Overlay: A large menu will fall down on top of your course.


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