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New Feature: The Lesson Plan

Coming Soon… Learn-Wise’s new feature — The Lesson Plan!

We are excited to announce a new feature in Learn-Wise–The Lesson Plan! The Lesson Plan will be released in mid-October and will allow you to:

  1. Assign multiple modules simultaneously

  2. Determine the order in which the modules are taken

  3. i.e. Users must pass Training Module 1 before Training Module 2 can be accessed

All the Lesson Plan data will be available in the Reports section.


Click on the link below to access a demo of The Lesson Plan.


We hope you will be able to join us for one of the webinars we will be holding to walk through all of the features of The Lesson Plan. This shouldn’t take longer than 30 minutes!

dates LP training

To register for a webinar, email your Account Manager with your preferred date and we will sign you up. We would love to have you on the line with us to answer any of your questions.


 Some screenshots from the Lesson Plan demo can be found below.






Contact your Account Manager to set up a webinar to explore these new features.

Visit for more information

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