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New Features Springing up in Learn-Wise

This month we are releasing updates which include many great features and additions to your Learn-Wise site! Here is a brief summary of what is coming:

Password Controls

  1. All Users and Admins will need to adhere to new password control settings.

Video Streaming with Vzaar

  1. Improve your video streaming with Vzaar integration. For those who attended our Annual Users’ Conference, you may remember this from Ritu’s presentation.

Audit Trail Report

  1. This new report logs any changes to Learn-Wise made by Admins and Sub-Admins. The new reports also document the name, date, and action completed (created, modified, activated, inactivated, assigned, & unassigned).

Customize Mandatory Fields for Self-Registering Users

  1. For those of you allowing Users to self-register for your Learn-Wise site, you can now customize the mandatory fields on the registration form.

Filter Inactive Sub-Groups

  1. You can now filter through Active and Inactive sub-groups. By default, only active sub-groups will display in your sub-groups listing.

Lesson Plan Completion Email

  1. Like Training Modules, you can now send a Lesson Plan Completion email to your Users upon passing the entire Lesson Plan.

Lock Training Module

  1. Per FDA Part 11 Compliance regulations, we have added the choice to lock ALL training module fields to prevent editing after a user has accessed a specific module.

For a comprehensive look at each of these features, we have created a document for your reference that can be accessed by clicking this link: April 2015 New Features

Contact your Account Representative to set up a one-on-one webinar to review each of these features in greater detail!

Visit for more information


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