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Password Security

As you may be aware, some significant changes in the way of password security have recently been implemented in Learn-Wise. We think password security is incredibly important to everyone who accesses the system. Consequently we have taken additional steps to ensure passwords remain secure. Here is a recap of the changes to password security implemented to date:

1. Admins do not input a password when creating new Users.

  1. When adding an individual new User, there is no password field.

  2. When importing Users in bulk, the new template does not have a column for the password.

This is because…

2. Users now receive two automatic emails from Learn-Wise when their account is created: one with their username, and one with a temporary password generated by the system.

  1. Users are prompted to change that temporary password the first time they log in.

  2. Admins can customize these email templates in Communications > Email Templates.


You can still help users out if they forget their password, but the process is a little bit different. Now, you will reset the password for your users rather than creating a temporary password for them yourself. This new system-generated password is emailed directly to the user.

3. Admins can reset a password for their Users.

  1. Go to Accounts > Users

  2. Click the edit icon

  3. Click Reset Password

  4. Click Save


*View the FAQ on our Support Forum here.


4. Users can always reset their own passwords by selecting Reset Password from the login screen.


If you have any questions about the Password Controls that are in your Learn-Wise site, contact your Account Representative for more information.

Visit for more information


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