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PowerBI Credentialing Report

The ability of PowerBI integration in Learn-Wise Go allows administrators to manipulate the data and create tables with the information without having to export data from the system.

PowerBI reports can also be useful outside of LWG.

Learn-WiseGo pushed a new PowerBI report this morning - Credentialing Course Completion Report. This report helps the administrators to see the user's progress through the Hospital Credentialing Course package.

By viewing the report through PowerBI the admin has access to new features that they hadn’t before in the Learn-WiseGo system reports.

With PowerBI Admin are able to create tables, and grafts using the data within the Learn-WiseGo System. Along with creating filters and conditions in the report. Once all filters are set, administrators can schedule the PowerBI Credentialing Course Completion Report to deliver to their email - or an external member of HR if needed.

Reach out to your Learn-Wise Go Account Manager for more information on the new feature or schedule time with us for a demo of your own -


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