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Replace and Archive Files: Live on Learn-WiseGo

Replace and archive files are going live on Learn-WiseGo!

Files now can easily be replaced after the training has been assigned to the users. By right clicking on the file in the central repository, Admin can replace the existing file with an updated file that has the same name and file-type as the one it is replacing. 

Once the updated file is uploaded the replaced file will be moved to the new archive folder in the central repository and has automatically been renamed.

The new update file will replace the old file in all locations where it is being used: eg Training Modules, Quick Trainings, Webinars with Tests, Library, Certification Courses, Surveys, LWG APP.

Users who have previously passed the lesson plan do not have to retake the training. Users who have started training will have to start from the beginning of the updated file.

Ask your Learn-WiseGo Account Manager how to implement this feature on your platform.


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