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The Learn-WiseGo production build set for Tuesday, March 19th

The Learn-WiseGo production build set for Tuesday, March 19th will include the following:



New Features:

  • Inactivation Date for User List: Now, Business Unit administrators can easily view the most recent inactivation dates within the user list. This enhancement includes an option to export the information to Excel, enabling comprehensive data analysis.

  • Change Default LWG Logo for URL Shortcuts: The default logo that can be added as a shortcut to your desktop has been updated to the current LWG logo.

  • Login Language Option: The login page's language selection has been labeled as “Language” to facilitate non-English speakers in choosing their preferred language without any confusion.


Bug Fixes:

  • Login Report Export Issue: Fixed a bug where exporting the Login Report to Excel resulted in displaying sub-report data instead of the main report data. With this fix, exporting from the main Login Report page now shows the correct information.

  • Overdue Email Alerts: Resolved an issue where users received alerts for overdue tasks but could not access the related Lesson Plans from the dashboard or listing screen. Users can now smoothly navigate to their Lesson Plans as intended.

  • System Report Accuracy: Corrected inaccuracies in the date and time stamps on system reports, ensuring data reliability and precision.

  • Formatting Error in Spanish and Italian Versions: Fixed a formatting error encountered in the Spanish and Italian versions of empty library folders, ensuring a consistent and error-free user interface across these languages.


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