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Tips & Tricks: User Management

Happy Holidays 2015

For our last post of 2014, did you know that you can access any User’s account as an Admin?

Note: This is accessible if you have the “User Management” privilege enabled on your Admin account.

Simply click on Accounts > Users.


Clicking on the username of any User takes you to their homepage and you can see what they see!


Return to your Admin profile at any time by clicking on the green arrow in the top right corner.



Example 1: Checking Visibility

Checking to make sure that an assigned Content Topic and/or Training Module is visible on the User’s homepage.

Example 2: Troubleshooting Assignment Completion

Sometimes Users report they completed a course but they are still receiving reminder emails about it or it is not moving into their completed tab in their Assignments section.

Well maybe they did complete it… or almost did.

They may have thought they were done with the course when they passed the module and quickly closed it without completing the eSignature.

If you select “Yes” for the eSignature on the Training Module parameters, then Learn-Wise will not mark that Training Module as “Complete” until the eSignature is verified.

If you go into their account and see that module in the Assignments tab with the word “Continue” next to it, you can click on Continue and see if the eSignature box pops up.


If it does, instruct your User to access the assignment again and verify the eSignature.


Problem solved!



Anything you do on the User’s account as an Admin does not affect the User!

For example, taking any tests on the User’s account does not count as an attempt or mark as a pass or failing score. It is simply used for reviewing exactly what the User sees. So do not be afraid you will affect their reports if you do something in their account.



If you have an Admin account and a User account, you can access your User account in this way and any Training Modules you take will not count! Even if you verify with your eSignature… anything done on any User site as an Admin does not register with the system.

Make sure you log out as an Admin, and log back in with your User credentials so you can pass those Training Modules!


Are there other ways you use this feature, or do you have another Tip or Trick for Learn-Wise? Let us know!


Everyone here at Magnifi Group would like to thank you for another wonderful year! We hope you and your families have a fantastic holiday season and we look forward to working with you in 2015.


Magnifi Group, Inc.


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