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Webinar on Content Development and Instructional Design

The Learn-WiseGo webinar series is back live on Tuesday, August 11th at 8 AM PST. Join the Magnifi Group team for what promises to be a very helpful webinar on Content Development and Instructional Design.

Here we are going to demonstrate our capabilities with a real example that’s to our client, Misonix. Our team has built an instructional module sample from the literature provided by Misonix. Our demonstration will provide vital information for you to make an informative decision on Magnifi’s capabilities when it comes to outsourcing your content development.

Additionally, we’ll provide valuable tips and tricks when it comes to instructional design.

I encourage you to please join us for this most important webinar. Registration for the webinar is required. Click here to register: If there is a product you have in mind that you would like to see a sample instructional module created for, reach out to for more information.


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