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Webinars: How to Reach your Employees Amidst Social Distancing

In this ever changing climate amid social distancing and COVID – 19 the use of Webinars are becoming of higher importance and popularity to be able to reach employees. Learn-WiseGo allows webinars to be seamlessly integrated and shared with users through your customized Learn-WiseGo.  Creating an easy way to reach a large number of customers, employees and distributors across the globe; webinars are designed to instruct, demonstrate, and educate on various topics.

Through Instructor led training on the Learn-WiseGo platform, users can be assigned to a Zoom, Webex, or Go To training.

Admins can choose to have the user complete tests and surveys post-webinar, complete e-signatures and download completion certificates. You can even incentivize your users to attendee webinars by assigning reward points.

User information, such as attendance, and test scores can be tracked through the comprehensive customization administrator system reports. 

Reach out to your account manager for more information on how to build your webinar or visit to schedule a demo of the platform today!


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