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Why Use Articulate to Create Your SCORM Files?

Articulate renowned packages, namely Storyline 360 and Articulate Rise, have gained popularity. These award-winning tools boast numerous notable features, earning accolades from leading instructional designers in the industry. LWGo clients enjoy the advantage of receiving complimentary access to Articulate for one year.

Storyline 360 is a powerful tool with extensive customization, assessment features, and advanced triggers. It allows users to choose from pre-built slide templates or create personalized layouts for their courses. Despite its format similarity to Microsoft PowerPoint, Storyline 360 is user-friendly, enabling designers to easily incorporate various features like MP4s, quizzes, animation, audio, and visual elements for a free-form course design. Creating tests is simplified with options for graded, survey, and freeform questions, streamlining the process with automated back-end connections. The result is a visually appealing, professional, and interactive training course.

Articulate Rise, a cloud-based course builder, is loaded with features such as course components, content blocks, premade outlines, and multimedia elements, offering a learner-centric, self-paced experience. It stands out as the easiest and quickest authoring tool to learn, with built-in features that save time and streamline development. Rise is notably the most mobile-friendly and adaptive tool, seamlessly adjusting to various screen sizes without compromising performance or quality. Designers can preview their training course on different screens before publishing, allowing for efficient development of high-quality content in less time.

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