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Attention iSpring Converter Users


iSpring is discontinuing iSpring Converter and will be supporting it until the end of 2014 If you are using iSpring Converter to convert your PowerPoints into  HTML5 presentations, you have the option to upgrade to iSpring Pro or iSpring Presenter. Your iSpring presentations on Learn-Wise will not be affected.

  1. iSpring Pro 7 is a professional tool for creating mobile-ready e-Learning courses with audio and video narrations.

  2. iSpring Presenter 7 is a package of iSpring Pro 7 and iSpring QuizMaker 7 that will also allow to add interactive quizzes into your presentations.

If you are purchasing iSpring Pro 7 or iSpring Presenter 7, use the discount code MAGNIFI-GROUP-COUPON  to receive a 10% discount. This code will only apply to Pro or Presenter purchases.

Visit for more information


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