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Custom fields in reports are here with a new look for reports!

Learn-WiseGo is excited to announce new enhancements to our comprehensive system reports.

Admin will now see that reports load with filters and selected selected columns collapsed to maximize on screen space for each report.

Admin can select the arrows on the left and right hand sides to expand or collapse the columns that are to be selected from.

Custom fields in user accounts can now be tracked on the following system reports:

  1. Login Report

  2. Lesson Plan Progress Sub Report

  3. Trainee Lesson Plan Performance Report

  4. Trainee Lesson Plan Performance Report With Groups

  5. Trainee Performance Sub Report

Phase one of this highly anticipated feature allows for admin to add up to eight custom fields to be used on each report listed. Admin can add the custom fields as a filter to search users by Field, Department, Region, or any field you decide.

Each report will now synch with new data each hour. The reports sync schedule can be found directly below the features that allow the admin to view the report by group, schedule reports to send to an email address, or export the report to Excel.

Your account manager is available for any questions about these new enhancements to the system reports.

To schedule a demo of the Learn-WiseGo Platform click here:


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