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Custom User Fields: How to Use Them, and Where to View Them

Whether you are training employees or customers, local or international, you may require more information from your users than just their username and email address. For example:

  1. For employees: Who do they report to?

  2. For physicians: What is their specialty?

  3. For students: What subject are they most interested in?

In Learn-WiseGo, you can track that information with Custom User Fields. To start, go to Users > Custom User Fields, and click the orange plus sign to create a new field.

Name your new Custom Field, and then choose a Field Type. You can create:

  1. Text Box or Text Area (free text entry)

  2. Radio Button

  3. Date

  4. Check Box

  5. Email

  6. Drop Down

  7. Number Entry

Choose whether you would like this field to be required or optional, and click “Save”.

You’re done! So, now that you’ve created a custom field and started to collect that data, where can you see it? If you would like to see all your users’ answers in one place, go to your User List and select the check box on the far right to open the User Fields menu. Make sure your new custom field is selected to see and sort by your new user data. This data will also be shown when exporting your User List to Excel.

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