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Electrical Safety & Infection Control and Aseptic Practices

We have updated our two credentialing courses called: Electrical Safety and Infection Control & Aseptic Practices.

Electrical Safety

New sections added:

  • Basic Electricity

  • Basic medical response to potential electrical injuries

  • Classification of electrical injuries

  • Exposure to higher voltages

  • How to Respond to an Incidence of Electric Shock

  • What to do in case of electrical injury


  • Electrocution

  • Electric current

  • Electrical Hazards

  • Electrical Shock

  • Health Care Facilities - Medical Equipment

Infection Control and Aseptic Practices

New sections added:

  • The infection Cycle

  • WHO classification of Health Facilities

  • Management of Waste

  • Cleaning, Disinfecting, and Reprocessing Equipment

  • CDC Summary and Definition of Levels


  • Use Standard Precautions when having contact with patients with MRSA and Contact Precautions as needed

  • Use Standard Precautions

  • Contact Precautions

  • Surveillance

  • 2022 CDC Guidelines Summary

  • Technique for surgical Hand Hygiene


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