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Learn-Wise Go Accepts HTML 5 Files!

The world of technology is constantly evolving, so here at Magnifi Group we are changing with it! Administrators and sub-administrators with proper access can now add HTML 5 files to Training Modules in your Learn-Wise Go site.

There are many advantages to incorporating HTML 5 files into your organization’s training materials. A primary reason to utilize HTML 5 files is that no additional browser plugins are required in order to launch properly. Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Safari also provide support for HMTL 5 files.  To add an HTML 5 file to a Training Module, we recommend uploading it into your Central Repository first. Simply select the Upload button to add the file:

Once added to your Central Repository, you will be able to add it a resource when creating Training Modules. If you have any questions, please contact your Learn-Wise Go Account Manager for further assistance!


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