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You might recall that a few months ago we showcased our first two performance dashboard widgets: the User Lesson Plan Performance Widget and the User Performance Detail Report Widget. The Learn-WiseGo team is excited to announce the release of another performance dashboard widget that will allow you to keep track of your user’s login information in a quick and efficient manner.


The Login dashboard widget gives you an overview of your user’s login data. Whether you want to see those who have never accessed their Learn-WiseGo account, who logged in on a specific date or which days of the month typically have the highest number of logins, the Login dashboard widget is there to help!

To access a list of user’s who have never logged into their account, simply click on the underlined, highlighted number in the red banner.

If you want a quick overview of how many user’s have logged in on a specific date, simply ‘hover over’ any green bar on the graph. You can access a list of user’s names who logged in on that specific date by ‘clicking’ on the green bar.

Just like our other performance dashboard widgets, your Login dashboard widget can be accessed from the System Reports > Dashboards tab on your Learn-WiseGo sidebar menu and can easily be pinned to your Dashboard for quicker access by clicking on the ‘push pin’ icon in the top right corner.

Have questions or want to learn more about any of our new Performance Dashboard Widgets? Contact your Account Manager today!


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