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Part 2: Themes on Articulate Rise 360 -Lesson Headers, Colors, and Fonts.

Articulate 360 released an exciting update to its theme section. Last week, we discussed the new Cover Page and Navigation options. This week will be part 2: Lesson Headers, Colors, and Fonts.

Lesson Headers: Lesson headers give a great accent to your brand color to your course. It can draw your learner’s attention with a vibrant, bright color and a sense of direction in the course. Just be careful, lesson header’s saturation and contrast level because it can be distracting learners from the course content.

You can also choose to use an image as the background for your lesson header. Note that whether you opt for a color or an image, the choice will be consistent across all lesson headers in the course.

Finally, you can now make lesson headers taller or shorter by adjusting header height. This is a great addition because it will complement the new button styles we mentioned in our last blog. Here are some design suggestions: when using the small header height, we recommend pairing it with compact navigation buttons to create clarity between the lesson header and navigation buttons. You can also create distinction by having the buttons and the navigation menu a different color than the lesson header.


Here you’ll find new recommended pairings of headings and body fonts. There are more fonts to explore in the More tab, where you can customized and manage your own fonts. If you cannot find the font, Rise allows you to add new fonts to fit to your brand. The font file must be WOFF format. If you cannot find your font in WOFF, Rise suggests to use Transfonter to convert OTF and TTF formats to WOFF. This is a useful tool for content designers and people who have to adhere to brand guidelines.


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