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Unlocking the Power of Videos in Articulate Storylines

Are you looking for an exciting way to spice up your courses and keep learners engaged?

Adding videos to your Articulate Storyline projects is the perfect solution, and the best part is, it's incredibly easy! Let me share three important things you should know about working with videos in Storyline to get you started on the right track.

1. Storyline does the encoding for you

One of the fantastic features of Storyline is its compatibility with various video formats. When you include videos in your project, Storyline takes care of the heavy lifting by automatically encoding them into the widely supported .MP4 format during the publishing process. This ensures seamless playback across different devices and platforms.

2. Video compression for optimal quality

For the best video output quality, we recommend inserting high-quality videos into your Storyline course. Don't worry about file size concerns just yet! Storyline has got you covered. When you publish your course, Storyline intelligently compresses the videos while preserving their visual excellence. This compression strikes the perfect balance between maintaining high quality and keeping file sizes as small as possible, ensuring a smooth learning experience. You can also adjust the video and audio quality via the publishing setting in Storyline 360.

3. Flash files as interactive videos

If you have interactive SWF files (also known as Flash files) that you want to incorporate into your Storyline project, it's a breeze! For simple movies that learners can watch without interaction, you can easily insert the SWF file using the Insert > Video option. This synchronizes the SWF file with your slide timeline seamlessly. On the other hand, if your SWF file requires learner interaction, you can utilize the Insert > Flash option to insert the SWF file into your project effectively.

By keeping these three essential facts in mind, you'll save time and achieve the best possible results when working with videos in Storyline.


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