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US User Conference 2022 Recap

Last Thursday was our annual Learn-Wise Go US Users’ Conference where we discussed exciting upcoming integrations and updates to the platform. Learn Wise Go is constantly growing and developing to provide a better experience for you. We would like to highlight the new updates we had made: GDPR, Privacy Policies & Consent, User management: email notifications to managers, adding managers, lesson plan overdue notifications, user progress reports, library upload reports, and senders email.

Thank you to every single client that came out to show us love and participation. We received great feedback and will be hard at work to implement some of your suggestions in the coming year. We want to say a special thanks to our special guest, Sarah Pentecost from NuVasive Surgeon Education, who gave a very informative presentation of their experience and tips & tricks.


We have clients all around the world and some of you may have some as well. To make things simpler and organized for you, we have a powerful tool called group. It can be easily done under the Users’ menu, you could organize your users by job titles or region. This function can help you when you are assigning lesson modules or need a specific report.

Tip: Create group naming conventions > for example: Region_Department_date

Tools for team Managers

Adding Manager email

When an Admin is creating new users, they can add Manager’s email to receive notifications of the users’ progress such as completion or failure in courses.

Tip: The admin must select “send mail to manager” in the email template parameter so the assigned managers can receive notifications of the users’ progress.

Group Manager Privilege

If you have a manager overseeing many user groups, we recommend using group manager privilege. This has visual benefits in seeing users progress in the system such as assigned learning modules, training modules, webinars and system reports. First, the admins need to create subadmin accounts for the managers. Next, assign the user groups to the manager subadmin account. This will give managers the privilege to see the user’s overview

New developments coming soon

  • User progress widget

  • Tracking training time

  • Visualize where the files have been used

  • Power BI

  • Self sign up- group registration

Had work? Was busy?

You can find this year’s conference presentations on the following page:

If you have further questions and would like to get more information regarding the conference, contact your Learn-WiseGo Account Manager!


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