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Webinar on Hospital Access in COVID-19 Environment. Recap

Last Wednesday, Magnifi Group hosted a webinar on The Impact of Coronavirus on Global Hospital Access, feauturing GHX (Vendormate)and Symplr.

We were thrilled by the attendance we had at such short notice. Thanks to all those of you who participated and helped make it a success. The topics covered were:

  1. Hospital access requirements during and after the COVID-19 pandemic

  2. What are hospitals currently requiring?

  3. What are we expecting for the future?

Guest presenters from Symplr and GHX Vendormate participated and answer very relevant questions regarding Hospital Access. If you want to have access to the recorded version of the webinar please contact your account manager or write us an email to

About GHX

GHX is a healthcare business and data automation company, empowering healthcare organizations to enable better patient care and maximize industry savings using its world-class cloud-based supply chain technology exchange platform, solutions, analytics, and services. The company provides a single point of contact for all credentialing needs bringing together more than 4,100 healthcare providers, and 600 manufacturers and distributors in North America — and another 1,500 providers and 350 suppliers in Europe.

About Symplr

Founded in 2006, Symplr is a global leader in enterprise Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance (GRC) SaaS solutions. The company’s solutions span provider data management, provider credentialing services, patient safety, workforce management, and vendor management. More information is available at


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