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In keeping up with your hospital credentialing needs, we have updated our National Patient Safety Goals course in accordance with the requirements set by the Joint Commission. Each year, these safety goals are updated to help provide the highest standard of care for all patients. Each goal provides a rationale, for its basis of development, and elements of performance to address the best practices to achieve this goal. Here is a look at some of the learning objectives for this year:

  1. Describe the appropriate patient identifiers for use within each health care setting, for the purpose of minimizing or eliminating medication and transfusion errors.

  2. Describe proven measures for optimizing communication among caregivers.

  3. Describe procedures to correctly label medications to maximize patient safety, and prevent patient harm from incorrect, redundant, or unnecessary prescriptions through patient-record reconciliation.

  4. Describe best practices for reducing harm associated with clinical alarm systems.

  5. Describe evidenced-based practices for reducing or eliminating health-care associated infections.

  6. Identify and address inherent safety risks in patient populations in psychiatric hospitals.

  7. Introduce the Universal Protocol for Wrong Site, Wrong Procedure, Wrong Person Surgical and describe mandated pre-procedure processes their prevention.

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