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3 Tips to Maximize Your Classroom Training with Learn-WiseGo eLearning

It’s hard to imagine a time when there will be zero in-person, hands-on training. Classroom training will always be a necessary part of a comprehensive training and education program. There are some things you can only accomplish in-person: getting your hands a product, going through a live procedure, role-playing scenarios in real-time, etc. You also can’t beat the relationship and team building that naturally occurs when people are together in the same room.

But classroom training is expensive and time consuming- from cost of the travel and hotel accommodation for every attendee to the time each person has to take away from their daily responsibilities. So you need to make every minute of classroom training count.

There are several ways to do this using eLearning and Learn-WiseGo.  Here are three tips:

ONE: Preparation/Qualification

Create an eLearning module to make sure everyone arrives with the same baseline of knowledge. There is little value in spending your classroom time going over definitions or key terms. Give them an introduction to your product/service/training topic so everyone will be prepared to dig into the details when the training starts.

We have even seen some clients take it a step further and not allow users to even register for in-person training until they have achieved a certain level of training.

Tip! Use the Training Module Score Analysis report to identify most-missed questions and identify weak points you can focus on during your training.

Incentivize it! Set up a Rewards Program around your pre-classroom training. First one to the top gets an upgraded room, upgraded flight, or maybe just a big round of applause – your choice, of course.

TWO: Pre-training Support Resources

Take advantage of the Learn-WiseGo library to build a resource center. Advertise it to your users so they have the chance to browse the material and familiarize themselves with the material in advance – without the pressure of a test.

Tip! Library materials can be made available for download to be easily accessed offline. This is a great option for anyone taking a long flight to your classroom training.

Of course, the Library will also be available after your classroom training, and you can continue to add resources to it in order to provide continued support.

THREE: Post-training follow-up

 Solidify lessons learned by following up a few times after the training is over and everyone has gone home. Repetition and review of the training material will help it stick.

If you used Learn-WiseGo to register everyone for your classroom training, you have the option to attach an eLearning module that will automatically release to users after the training is over. You can also give users a Certificate of Completion for the in-person training. This is very important for their training history and records.

Best practice! Conduct a post training survey using the Learn-WiseGo survey function to gather feedback and improve future training sessions.

Have you used Learn-WiseGo to prepare for your classroom training? Let us know how it went!

Questions, ideas, or suggestions? Contact your account manager or send a message to


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