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5 Reasons Why Online Training Is Essential in light of COVID-19

As the new coronavirus spreads across the globe, many companies have chosen to forgo in-person training in favor of eLearning in order to reduce in-person contact to slow the transmission of the CoVid-19 virus.

Beyond helping companies take precautionary measures while still having Educational projects up and running, eLearning also supports both an organization’s goals and learner’s development in general. Here are 5 key reasons why e-Learning is essential for your organization and how LearnWiseGo can enhance your training program.

1. Mobility

Employees and customers with Internet access can review content; take training quizzes and even attend webinars or meetings online without leaving home. The LearnWiseGo platform is not restricted to desktops; all content is configured for all types of devices like Smartphones, Laptops, Ipads, and Tablets.

2. Real-Time feedback

Feedback is an essential component for keeping Users motivated and engaged with learning material. LearnWiseGo supports interactive courses that provide immediate feedback, assisting learners to focus on specific content, review lessons and achieve their required learning outcomes.

3. Increasing Productivity

Self-paced online learning leads to much higher productivity since Users can train wherever they are, and then focus on their core tasks while at work. Learning remotely can lead to better performance and higher efficiency. LearnWiseGo enables learners to revisit any information they need, whenever they need it. 

4. Cost-Efficient

Online training offers significant economic benefits – reduced employee commutes, lunch, equipment, and meeting rooms. These savings multiply fast for companies with thousands of employees spread across several locations. LearnWiseGo also hosts recorded lectures and training sessions and integrates with real-time web conference platforms like Zoom and Webex.

 5. Progress Reports

Educational managers and trainers benefit by having real-time reports on Users’ performance. This data can help administrations understand where their users stand in terms of knowledge. The data also enables administrators to make decisions about the content required and the training approach used. LearnWIseGo offers a myriad of reports that help companies draw an accurate picture of their Educational program and its effectiveness.

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