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5 Tips for Effective filing system

Oh no! My courses or modules cannot open. I need to make changes to the lesson. I cannot find the original storyline file. I don't know who created the original module.

Has this happened to you? Here are some ways to avoid these mistakes.

1. Follow a consistent method for naming your files and folders

Creating the main folder and dividing sub-folders within the main folder will keep it organized and help you find the specific module.

For example, the main folder name: Safety_workplace > subfolder: Sex Discrimination & harassment > another subfolder: Introduction to Safety, within each subfolder, can have folders by year.

Main Folder> subfolder_shortname

2. Store related documents together, even if they are different types.

Anything related to the lesson/training module you are creating should be in a single folder so it can be easy to find again. It should include photos, documents, spreadsheets, videos, surveys, and storyline files. Why is it important to include every single file? If someone else in your team wants to change the quality or there is a bug, they can easily find the problem and fix it or update the changes. Trust me, it seems a lot of work now but being organized with your files can help with making adjustments in the future.

3. Separate ongoing work from completed work

People often like to work on current lessons or modules on their desktops. Little by little progress, people usually will move it to the proper folder or forget about it. Don't forget to move the files into the appropriate folder when you are finished. This is how we keep everything together and up to date.

4. Organize files by date

The recent files you worked on can be easily found. If someone else wants to access the course next time, the recent file will show up first.

5. Have a master document

It is very helpful to have one master document containing all the written information and reference. For example, I have a course called "Electrical Safety." I created a table containing the slide number, content, and any references. If there were any broken links or updates, they would be easily found and resolved.


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