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Don’t Miss It! – The 2019 US Learn-WiseGo User’s Conference is Just Around the Corner

Get ready, this is your chance to network with other Learn-WiseGo clients, improve your user experience and share valuable feedback and system improvements ideas with us. Come join us on Thursday, February 28th, 2019 at the Kona Koi Resort in San Diego, CA for our annual US Learn-WiseGo User’s Conference.

The 2019 Learn-WiseGo User’s Conference agenda is designed to ensure you get the most out of this one-day event. Topics discussed will focus on helping you get the most out of your Learn-WiseGo platform.

New Features:

We are excited to announce that we have added some amazing new features to your Learn-WiseGo platform. Join us to learn more about how you can maximize your productivity with new features like Super Groups and Group Managers.

System Reports:

Make sure you are getting the most out of your system reports. Join us to learn how to create a customized report or schedule reports that can be sent to yourself or others as often as needed.

Tips and Tricks:

We want to share some tips and tricks with you. Join us to learn how to master your LMS and simple ways to make your eLearning content more interactive and engaging for your users.

Users Round Table:

Share your use cases and ideas with others and see what you can learn from other Learn-WiseGo client experiences. Join us and take advantage of the opportunity to network with other Learn-WiseGo clients during the Users Round Table discussion.

So Much More:

Other topics will include how to use additional tools to enhance the eLearning experience, new and upcoming Learn-WiseGo integrations, what’s coming in 2019 and so much more. Please visit for a full agenda and to book your hotel reservation at the Kona Kai Resort.

If you are interested in attending the upcoming 2019 Learn-WiseGo User’s Conference or if you have any questions, please contact your Learn-WiseGo Account Manager today!


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