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E-Signature Reminder Emails

Lesson Plans that require the User to complete an E-Signture have a new email reminder notification template.

For each Lesson Plan that requires an E-signature, Learn-WiseGo sends an E-Signature Reminder Email to users that may have forgotten to complete their E-Signature.

Users may fall into a “Pending E-Signature” status. With the E-Signature Reminder Email users will now receive an email reminding them to complete the e-signature. In the email, there will be a direct link to complete the signature after they log back in. They will continue to receive the email until the E-Signature is complete.

E-Signatures require the user to sign electronically after completing the lesson plan. Users will be able to add their credentials to the e-signature only after the Lesson Plan is concluded. Once users complete the E-Signature, they will show up in the “E-Signature Report”.

Only users that fall into a “Pending E-Signture” status will receive the reminder notification.

Ask your Learn-WiseGo Account Manager for more information on where to find this Email template in the list of templates.


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