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Learn-WiseGo Implements a New SCORM Code!

What is SCORM? SCORM is an acronym that stands for Shareable Content Object Reference Model. It is a specific file type that is used within learning management systems (LMS) because it can be shared easily between various LMS’s. All of your testable modules, that are built within a 3rd party authoring tool, must be published as a SCORM file type so that it will function and report properly within the LMS.

When Learn-WiseGo launched we were operated by the leading SCORM implementation at that time called Legacy Technology Stack. Our most recent SCORM operating update involved migrating from Legacy Stack to the newest and most advanced SCORM Implementation code.

Some of the benefits you will receive from this upgrade include:

Increased performance: New implementation can handle two to three times the requests per second as Legacy implementation.

Increased stability: Processes are closely monitored and managed by the run-time, so that if one misbehaves (leaks, deadlocks), a new process can be created in its place. Which helps keep application constantly available to handle requests.

Better native cloud support: Legacy stack was not 100% compatible with cloud, requiring us to have workarounds, this sometimes resulted in unavailability of SCORM modules intermittently. The new implementation has much improved native cloud support.

The new SCORM Code, launched at the beginning of July 2019, is a very exciting advancement for Learn-WiseGo. If you would like more information on how this code will benefit your site, contact your Account Manager.


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